Our Chairman

“It’s the dedication and the ambition to provide high-quality products that achieve the real success of the business. The satisfaction you get from providing nothing but the best in your service is precious for a lifetime”

—-Gengcai Sheng

Powering up the entire movement of Shielder Medical with the vision and the knowledge he has gathered. Our chairman has always been the guiding light to the company which enabled us to do more and more each day and encourages us to aim for the greater goals and achieve them with confidence. Being the one who built the company to its glorious stage which we are now, the role of the chairman has been one of the biggest strengths we have had in our journey to becoming the big brand we are now. It the sole and the strong belief of our chairman that quality is what always drives the integrity of the business, whether it is about the product or the service we provide. He has been motivating us and still does it to this day to preserve the quality of the product above everything else and even further improve it to provide a better service to the world by each passing day.

Along with the World.

Being the head person of the largest manufacturer of gloves in the world, our chairman is motivated in improving our services to be better always. His wide vision which has been driving us has been able to keep our company one step ahead of all the others all the time being ready for all the challenges and demands that we will receive. His close involvement in collaborating and keeping in contact with our large-scale clientele has been a great strength for our company to keep their trust in us and to provide our services in confidence to all our clients. The transparency and flexibility of our chairman which he shows in business have been an impressive factor for our clientele to confidently rely on our products and service to empower their business movement. The never-ending motivation he shown in everything is a great example to the entire team at Shielder Medical.