Powering up the Entire Production.

The Leaders in Management

Shielder Medical possesses the best team of managers and directors who are filled up with leadership and utilize it with pure and utter motivation. Get to know our Director who is a part of the pioneering team and learn about their vision to take the business to success.

“I take it as my utmost responsibility to keep the entire business process of Shielder Medical running smoothly and the quality that we are world-renowned for is preserved intact by each product we manufacture. The enthusiasm and the motivation of our fleet start from the top characters. Therefore I am always most motivated of all.”

—- Lily Sheng

The director is one of the leading characters in the Shielder Medical fleet, who is always guiding the entire workforce of the company through exemplary leadership and inspiration. Loaded up with the motivation and the vision to move the company forward not only as a group of workers but as a brand that sets the example to the whole world in manufacturing high-quality gloves along with providing the best and the most supportive service to all our customers. She, along with the rest of the leaders at Shielder Medical takes care of the overall management of the company along with maintaining the entire order inside the business process. She is a highly motivated character in general who always motivated the rest of the team into producing an improved output always. Like the entire fleet at Shielder Medical, our director also believes that quality is the key to maintaining the successful business process of any company, securing the growth of business long its way.