Get to know the eco friendly business process we maintain.



Eco-Friendly Production

As a world-renowned brand for providing protection in various different spaces and utilization, we believe that the safety we provide should not limit only to that specific space of utilization of our gloves. Being a renowned brand in the world which the entire world is keeping the eye on, we believe we are entitled with a bigger duty than just producing the best quality products, that we have to maintain the quality of the world and the environment as well, to endure a better world for the future generations. We believe the protection we provide today only have a meaning if we leave the world a better place for future generations to harvest the outcomes of what we do today.

As a result of this concern Shilder Medical, along with the guidance of our Chairman and the Directors, are always keeping our production process to be as eco-friendly as possible at all times, minimizing the emittance of harmful residuals to nature and minimizing the contact with nature through our production.

It has proven that using individual transpiration modes are resulting in much more air pollution derives from the vehicles that are used for the convenience of people. We encourage our employees by providing new commutes minimaxing the use of more transportation modes and the same result in minimizing environmental pollution as well. In our entity culture, we are continuously improving in the fact that breaking the addiction to plastic convenience by using reusable and recycled substances and products. Followings are some ways of Shielder ensure that eco-friendly standards and practices are maintained within the entity.

  • Research-Backed Material Improvement for Eco-Friendliness
  • Latest Technological Machinery Usage
  • Providing Guidance on Usage and Recycling
  • Minimizing Harmful Residuals and Contact



Our Pledge

Being the leading manufacturer of gloves in the world and the icon of providing safely, what we want is to make the world a better place. And we do not believe that there is any boundary when it comes to safeguarding the ecosystem as a duty. We pledge that we will always be on the path of ensuring the safety of the planet along with the improvement of our products extending the legacy of our pride as a business for future generations as well.


Giving Back to the Planet Earth

We are no owners of this planet but humble dwellers of it consuming its fruits for the survival of ours and our future generations. Therefore we believe it is an utmost duty of ours to give back to nature twice as much as what we consume from it in order to make the future even better than today. As the global leader in gloves manufacturing, we make sure that we set the example of this to the entire world, by maintaining a green concept throughout our business facilities keeping closer to nature at all times.