Expansion of the Reign of Quality – Laying the Foundation Stone for the New Factory Facility.

Shielder Medical is the world-renowned leader in high-quality gloves manufacturing and supplying to the world. Over the past months, we have been conducting the manufacturing of our gloves in great quantities against the rising demand from the world. Bring the world leader in the gloves production and supply, the need was imminent to multiply and expand our manufacturing and business process to address and meet the need for high-quality gloves in the world.

In recognition of this need, our chairman, as the leading force of our company has started driving the movement to expand the company process immediately by manufacturing a brand new factory facility that is going to multiply our capacity in many times that we will become the largest manufacturer in the world inevitably, after the completion of the facility.Commencing the process of this movement and marking the very first step in building a glorious and start of the at factory facility, the ground stone and the cornerstone for the facility was laid ceremonially in Leping City in Jiangxi Province, China, on the 6th of January 2021 with the honorable participation of the Mayor of the Leping City and our Chairman.

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Damitha Chathuranga

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