Explore the excellence of our manufacturing.

Strengthening the Great Legend

This facility contributes a huge portion to the production capacity of our business as one of our large-scale, high-quality glove manufacturing facilities. We are willing to offer the most competitive rates to all our consumers with a wide variety of hand gloves and the best quality. There is a sophisticated assembly line in our production plant that processes gloves from raw materials to finished gloves. We are the world’s only manufacturer of gloves, ready and happy to give you our gloves at the lowest possible prices.

The cost of producing gloves is also much lower than the real sale price of such gloves. With our high level of customer service, the highest price, and the quality of your products, we will always strive to have the highest standard that meets the requirements. The manufacturing plant consists of the latest modern equipment that produces the highest quality gloves at a higher frequency, enabling us to meet the global demand we have for us from various markets. A large fleet of enthusiastic people is employed by the plant who are inspired to work closely with the organization to achieve the goals that make them grow.


Our Standards

We are extensively focusing on preserving the high-quality in all our glove products ensured by every piece being produced. The international standard we follow has been the force of our excellence in being the market leader in gloves manufacturing and providing, covering a large portion of the world demand.


Focused on achieving success through fulfilling the total


To remain the best and the largest manufacturer of gloves in the world.


Maintaining a goal-oriented production process to fulfill the capacity.


That performs production through sustainability that protects the earth.

Production Lines

The manufacturing plant contains a high number of production lines that are capable of manufacturing a large number of products     round  the clock.


Being the true heart of the company, we employ a fleet of happy people who are motivated to work with us ensuring the high quality of our products.

Million Gloves per annum

The highly technological manufacturing process we own is capable of manufacturing a high number of products adding up to the overall production.