The Seed that Grew into the Tree


How We Started

“We are the fruitful tree that stands strong in a vast space that grew from a tiny seed, fertilized by the ambition to grow and conquer the grounds and skies”

The legend of Shielder Medical started from the small first step like any other story of success. The first step into the business was taken with pure ambition and vision to grow into a successful business through the authenticity of the service and the quality of the product which we are always longing to provide to all our clients all over the world. Even though there were many other glove manufacturers back then we wanted to fulfill the need of becoming the first and the only who manufacture the high-quality and authentic gloves that can honestly be said that provides the expected safety in each of its industrial utilization.

Engaging in such a competitive market as glove manufacturing we were always confident from the very beginning that we are on the path to success as the pure ambition and the vision we carried throughout the business journey is to manufacture the truly best quality gloves that are made of the rightly durable and safe material, designed and produced with the best and internationally recognized standard methods in production. It was our pure expectation from the beginning to fulfill the gap of the availability of truly high-quality products. And fulfilling the mission we made in the ambition, we have been standing as the largest manufacturer of gloves in the world today with high recognition, trust, and reputation from many clients and authorities around the world.


Our Successful Arrival

Shielder Medical made its first step in the pure ambition of being the best in the industry of gloves manufacturing and winning the heart of the world through providing the most authentic and effective gloves that are ideal for each industry it will be utilized. Even at a time where starting a manufacturing business in gloves seemed to be competitive and risky, the founders of the company were con confident that they are going to achieve the utmost success through the manufacturing of high quality and world standard gloves that contains perfection in every way.


The manufacturing processes were growing smoothly showing signs that we are on the way to a successful future in manufacturing authentic gloves made in the durable and original material that is ideal for the industries. As the company slowly grows up its reputation also started to grow slowly, recognizing our name as a gloves manufacturer who produces the best gloves that are highly suitable to be used in various industries along with the verified quality they carry that enables us to reach any sector in the business world and introduce our services with pride.


The brand was gaining even more recognition as a manufacturer of high-quality gloves that can be utilized in many industries. The production lines have been increasing smoothly, indicating that we are on the road to a more promising future in supplying genuine gloves made of the durable and original material that is suitable for industries. The popularity of the brand was starting to accelerate towards the success, acknowledging us by the world as reliable manufacturers of the best gloves that are highly desirable for use in different industries along with the checked consistency they bring, allowing us to enter every industry in the business world and to proudly launch our services.


The manufacturing was further increasing through the growing demand from the world gaining more and more trustworthy clients who have recognized us for the authentic quality we maintain with each product we manufacturer. The future of the company seems to be even more fruitful with the popularity we were achieving not only in China but overseas where many businesses trusted us in providing the best quality gloves that provide the ideal safety in the utilization in their business.


As a business that has been growing and running gradually towards the wonderful success that is inevitable, the founders of the company moved on with the humbleness in heart, carry nothing but the happiness of growing into a big business and the dedication to provide more and more high-quality gloves to many more industries in the world enabling many other sectors to experience the quality of the products we present to the world. We were gaining more reputation and high demand from many more territories in the world, proving to us that our popularity was rapidly expanding across the globe.


In the quest to meet the world demands in gloves, we kept on expanding our production capacity as we did in all the years that enabled us to merge the supply rate to the demand that we have been receiving from all over the world. The expansion in the production also enabled us to create many more employment opportunities in mainland china where many people were gathered to work with us with utmost enthusiasm and dedication to manufacture the best quality gloves in the world, being a part of a wonderful legacy that is about to shine big in the world.


The ever-growing name in gloves manufacturing was expanding even further spreading its wings to reach more territories and more industries that we produce the best quality gloves to be utilized with the highest safety provided to the users with the highest durability verifies through the quality and the authenticity of the material we use. We have been improving the quality further by each day and each week through performing research and development on our production process, enabling us to manufacture even better and improved products for our valuable clients.


The high demand for our best quality gloves had raised us into new dimensions in the business world owning us the recognition as the largest manufacturer of gloves in the world with the highest production capacity that even surpasses the overall gloves production capacity of some whole countries. The demand has been growing rapidly, making us expanding into more production lines to meet the demand in various industries to obtain safety through the gloves.


Being the name that is highly demanded in the world and highly renowned for gloves manufacturing the movement and the future of the business was a staple factor in the world ensuring us the path that we have been on is a success and is a righteous one that helps many industries in the world to achieve the safety through the usage of high-quality gloves. In the quest of making our products even further higher in quality, we have been improving the product quality through research and development as always.


Reaching even higher dimensions in demand and reputation the brand Shielder Medical grew even rapidly enabling us to do the production of high-quality gloves in an even highest capacity with the increased production and the implementation of new technology in our production lines along with a fleet of dedicated employees to handle the production and a fleet of professionals to handle the research and development process that kept our products growing to be even better by each day.


Being the busiest year in our company history we have been able to manufacture a record-breaking number of protective gloves during this year that kept us on top of providing high-quality disposable gloves to the world. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic that was spreading across the world, the demand for gloves skyrocketed rapidly that we were demanded a great number of gloves to supply. Shgielder Medical has been one of the few names in the world that have been able to thrive in business during the pandemic, providing the best quality protective gloves to the world, safeguarding them from the challenges.


Being the most challenging year as always our business is targeted to reach new and higher dimensions in the world this year making us open to more industries, more clients that will gain us an even higher recognition through the production of high-quality gloves. The production of gloves is expected to be running even higher along with the prevailing challenge of COVID-19 in the world. We aim to make this year the best and the most successful year we have ever recorded in business through manufacturing and providing the highest quality gloves to the world.