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Shielder Medical is a highly renowned and a leading manufacturer in the world for high-quality protective gloves. Our production of gloves is utilized by many industries around the world. Located and operating in Mainland China, we have surpassed all the other glove manufacturers in the world in production capacity and quality. We manufacture all our gloves using the latest technological machinery. The entire manufacturing process is run on 3000 Productions lines which have enabled us to perform a production capacity of 1050 Billion High-quality Gloves per year.


The Gloves

Explore and get to know more about the high-quality gloves we manufacture using the best material with long-lasting durability. We are currently the official and trusted provider of gloves for many world brands. Contact us to start your order process of high-quality gloves with us.

Nitrile Gloves

Made with Synthetic Nitrile Rubber Polymers, It’s a strong and highly protective disposable glove.

Vinyl Gloves

Made to stretch and adapt to the user with assured extra comfort. Made with Plastic Polymers.

Synthetic Nitrile Gloves

Made with the perfect blend of Nitrile and Vinyl materials. It is ensured to provide utmost safety.

CE Certified
FDA Approved
SGS Certified
ECO Friendly


Certified for Quality

Shielder Medical is the largest manufacturer and the pioneer in high-quality gloves distribution to the world. The entire process of our business is done with compliance to international quality and eco-friendly standards. We are certified internationally for the quality and the professional service we provide at all times.


Industry Friendly

All the Gloves we manufacture are optimized for flawless long term utilization in various industry that ensures the safety and the sterility to both the user and the task at all times.

Sterile and Non-Sterile

The gloves we manufacture include Sterile Gloves which maintains perfect sterility and Non-Sterile Gloves ideal for custom sterilization methods.

Powdered and Powder-Free

We manufacture high-quality Powdered Gloves that provide ease of wearing, and also Powder Free Gloves that clings strongly for perfect usage.

Disposable Gloves

We manufacture and provide high-quality Disposable Gloves made with extra durable material that ensures safety in every kind of utilization.


All the products we manufacture are ensured to be of the highest quality through the usage of international standard and robust material that ensures the utmost safety.


Equipped with 3 dedicated Industrial Zones consisting of 3000 Production lines that produce over 1050 Billion gloves per year, making us the largest in the world.


We provide a professional and caring service from the moment of ordering through the delivery of the products and even beyond, with friendly and transparent assistance.

Our Clients

Trusted Worldwide

The high-quality gloves we provide as the largest manufacturer in the world for high-quality gloves are highly renowned around the world and trusted by many leading businesses. We are the official provider of gloves for many world popular brands.

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