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B2B Orders

Sheilder, as a long sustaining business derives from a strong established business we can facilitate the global gloves requirement with a strong impression of confidence. Proudly highlighting the fact that we are having 10 manufacturing locations, 40 plus large-scale clients and 350 billion plus annual productions we entrust you with an unbroken trust in the supply chain. Having all these strong assets and trusted relationships between existing clients helps us even more to facilitate large scale supply requirements in high quality products.

Being a part of a strong business chain stronghold us with thriving in the global production not mere sustenance. While it plays a major role in entrusting you with a continuous supply of high-quality products of Sheilder.

The proud fact we have been able to be the top supplier for the majority of the global demand makes us stronger day by day. And as a matter of fact, we continuously identifying and developing new approaches to maximize customers satisfaction by adding value to their supply chain. Our entity has a view of growing together. Thus having a strong stand in the global scale make other parts in the supply chain more stronger as well. As we are driving towards a future of health care products will be in a much more need than most of the luxurious options Sheilder is happy to help to entrust you with strong and sustainable B2B business partnerships.

Production Capacity

Our manufacturing of gloves is world-famous for the high quality we maintain by each piece in the production, through the production process of international standard, done in our own large-scale industrial plants located in 3 places in mainland China. The production capacity we carry is so large that it covers a considerable percentage of the world’s demand for gloves that covers various industries, including medical, laboratory, and many others.





What We Offer

Nitrile Gloves
Vinyl Gloves
Synthetic Nitrile Gloves

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