Utilization of Gloves in the Medical & Healthcare Industry


Utilization in the Medical & Healthcare

Another sector where the use of gloves is carried out on a high scale is the surgical & healthcare industry. It is something that can be done with utmost protection to stop contamination from either side, whether it be for the glove owner or the job they are handling, to control important activities. In this situation, the use of high-quality gloves made of the ideal material that provides the correct result is a key aspect. Wearing high-quality gloves for the medical & healthcare sector helps to execute prevention and treatment duties.

Shielder Medical gives you a variety of high-quality gloves that are best designed for use in the medical & healthcare sector, guaranteeing optimum protection for all of them and the job of protecting them from any possible infection and other risks. All the gloves are crafted with the highest quality using the perfect material that guarantees the protection effect along with the longevity of the injury-proof. Without experiencing some pain, the gloves are designed to provide comfort to the users to wear them for a long time. The material and the texture of the gloves give the optimal grip to perfectly perform the activities involved in the industry.

We are a renowned name in the world for manufacturing the best quality gloves in the industry by utilizing each resource with its utmost capacity with the process of eco-friendly production. We ensure that you have the best products that help to perform the tasks easily.

Great Benefits

Usage of Gloves in the Health Industry is highly advised by authorities as it protects all parties from potential contamination.

Improved Protection

Shielder Medical manufactures all the gloves using the best material which provides the best protection for the health industry.

High Durability

The material used for the gloves is high quality and ideal for the tasks in the health sector as it supports providing protection.


Our Products

We bring you a range of gloves that are ideal to be used in the Medical & Healthcare industry with assured safety provided throughout the time of utilization. Explore the products we bring you and reach us to start ordering ahead.

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Certified For Quality

Being the largest manufacturer of gloves in the world, shielder medical produces the best quality gloves available for utilization in many industries. In recognition of the quality, we maintain in all our products, we are internationally recognized and certified for the quality and the service.


Medical & Healthcare Industries

Utilization in Surgery

The usage of gloves in the surgical field is a compulsory and essential factor that involves safety and sterility which is a must to be provided through the usage of gloves. It helps a lot in preventing any contamination that might transmit through the skin or any other bodily matter. Sterility becomes a  crucial factor in surgery where the usage of gloves becomes highly beneficial which provides the best support in securing the sterility. The usage of booth Sterile and Non-sterile gloves can be utilized in surgical tasks as they both provide great benefit at the usage. While the sterile glove comes with the effect of sterility already applied. The Non-sterile glove provides the opportunity to apply a custom sterilization method.

Usage in Pharmaceuticals

The Pharmaceutical industry always deals with delicate matters as the users always get to handle the drugs and medicines that are essential to be free of any contaminations and sterile to the utmost level. In order to achieve and maintain this effect, the usage of gloves is an essential factor that keeps the user and the pharmaceutical objects separated throughout the tasks which keep the medicine from any contaminations and provides the user the same effect. The gloves used in this area of the industry are worn for a long time, therefore the gloves are should provide long-term comfort during usage while providing the necessary protection. Shielder Medical provides the best quality gloves for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Clinical Usage

Clinical tasks are something in which the usage of gloves in addition to other personal protection methods comes in high necessity as it involves working with different people who represent as patients with various illnesses. Therefore the medical professionals who engage in this are of the task must be worn with safety gloves that provide utmost safety, preventing the user from any contaminations and infections, keeping them sterile at all times. The quality of the gloves comes as a crucial factor in this case which the material should be durable and robust while it provides comfort to the user throughout the task as it involves long term wearing of the gloves. Therefore the materials used in shielder medical gloves are ensured to be high quality

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