How we achieved the success we are today.


The vision that Empowers us.

The secret power behind Shielder Medical is great success has always been the vision and the dedication to provide the best quality in all the products we provide, which ultimately raised us to becoming the largest manufacturer of high-quality gloves in the world with worldwide high demand. The motivation to provide products of improves quality has taken us on a path of never-ending success with the business.


We run on the vision that we should always be the ones who set the example to the world in what the best quality of gloves is, through constantly improving it.


Aiming for the highest goal all the time picturing the success we achieve through providing the world with the true authenticity of high quality in gloves, always.


Working to achieve the target of making the company successful making the entire workforce of it grow to the success along with the growth of the business.



Up in Sales.

The demand we have gained through the high-quality we provide has resulted in increasing the sales for our gloves in worldwide industries.


Sales Increment
in 2020


The Way to the Success

Shielder Medical strongly believes that improving the quality of the products will always lead to gaining more trust from the clients that eventually lead to a boost in sales. We implement this vision into work that ensures we provide the best quality gloves all the time to the world helping the various industries to achieve true safety with our products.

Improving Qualities

Always aiming for the better version of what we manufacture today through research.


1. The Plan

Coming up with a Research and Development Process that always aims at developing a better version of today’s product.

2. Execution

With the involvement of better material, the highest technology, and all handled with the professional team of researchers.

3. Result

Releasing new versions of products improves quality and safety that benefits many industries in the world.

Increasing Efficiency

We always target on increasing the capacity of our manufacturing of high-quality gloves


1. The Technology

We always use the manufacturing machinery of the latest technology that provides highly efficient results in production.

2. The Workforce

Empowered by the utter dedication and motivation the team is actively engaged in the production process for success.

3. Result

With the combination of efficiency and motivation outcomes the result of a high-quality product.

Boosting Demand

The authenticity we carry in our production has always been a cause for increasing demand.


1. Clients

We are currently the official provider of high-quality gloves to many large scale clients in the world.

2. Demand

Along with the high-quality products we present to the world the demand for gloves has increased rapidly

3. Supply

Meeting the ever-increasing demands in the world, we are constantly increasing the production capacity with high quality.