Getting your products customized.


We Accepted OEM ODM

We are the leading manufacturer of gloves that produces a great number of pieces per annum utilized in various industries and by numerous valuable customers. Among the many precious fleets of clients who have kept in us, there are many who use our gloves on large scale every day for the tasks involved in their business. Therefore it is our duty as the best manufacturer f gloves to ensure the high-quality of the gloves, along with the durability and the safety they provide in their respective utilization.

Not limiting in just those necessities we would love our clients to maintain and grow their own business and brand through the quality and the capacity of our production. In aid of this, Shoulder medical strongly supports the OEM and ODM production of all our gloves that represents your own brand and your own customization that iconifies your business. All OEM and ODM orders are welcomed and ensured to be manufactured in high quality and ideally as the client desires.

Your Brand.Our Product.

We love to see your business grow through the utilization of the best quality gloves that represent your brand or business, gaining you more potential and consumer trust always. All the customizations are custom brandings are encouraged by us to make this happen in the best way possible.

  • Support for Customized Designs and Patterns
  • Custom Colors are Welcomed
  • Supported by Professional Product Designers
  • Backed by research and Development