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What are Powdered Gloves?

Shielder medical manufactures the best Powdered Gloves by choosing environmentally-friendly procedures within the whole process. Before choosing a glove there are different aspects like comfort, protection, and hygiene at the right cost.

Cornstarch powder is used in powdered gloves. It is easy to wear and pleasant looking, and also very good in physical properties. The powdered glove makes through a process commonly called the Chlorination process. Where the procedure makes gloves make it much specific. After the gloves removed from the chlorination, the gloves are neutralized in a base and washed until the vast majority of any residual chlorine is removed, once the wash process is completed the reactive materials are entirely removed. Which ultimately makes the chlorination process. This ultimately reduces the thickness by creating a slippery surface that allows the hands to glide easily into the gloves and also the washing performed in the chlorination process provides many benefits such as decreasing the level of soluble neutral latex proteins in the gloves which ultimately reduce the risk of latex allergies.

Powdered Gloves we deliver proves many effects that come in benefit in various ways during their utilization. The high-quality material used in the making of the gloves and the highly assured protective quality it delivers provide many advantages including the ease of putting on, that support safety for various industries. Get to know the pros of using the high-quality Powdered gloves we manufacture.

  • Keeps the Hands Dry
  • Perfect Grip
  • Easy to Put On
  • Easy to Take Off
  • Excellent sensitivity and comfort.
  • Tear Resistant


Powdered Gloves

Shielder Medicals have a variety of 3 types of Powdered Gloves. Shielder Medical manufactures product consists of a range of different gloves, which is mainly categorized into three specific categories as Shielder Nitrile Gloves, Shielder Vinyl Gloves, and Shielder Nitrile and Vinyl Blended Gloves. These Shielder Medical Gloves are available in your custom way of buying. Each and every glove ensures that they are passed through various tests to ensure their high quality and standard.

Nitrile Gloves
Vinyl Gloves
Synthetic Nitrile Gloves

Benefits of Gloves

The utilization of a glove extends to various occasions that involve many industrial and even domestic usages. In all those usages, the primary objective of a glove is to provide the necessary protection that safeguards the user or the object they are handling with it. The different types of gloves which Shielder Medical provides are made to deliver these unique effects in each of its respective utilization.


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