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Reaching Higher
Dimensions in Business

Coming through years of happy experience in providing the best quality gloves to the world that safeguard the users in many industries we have achieved the great success of who we are now with flying colors of trust and recognition from all over the world. All this was achieved through the dedication and the vision we had on the service.


The Success

In the present day of the business, we have achieved not only great success in the financial aspect but also have achieved global recognition and a reputation that keeps us high in the business world. The integrity of the service which we were so dedicated to maintaining from the very beginning of the company has been a fruitful success raising the brand to the level it is now, with ever boosting clientele and sales along with the specific demand which is rising by the day, for our products. The focus on improving the quality of the products and service through the power of research and development along with the dedication of the entire workforce we own at Shielder medical have resulted in the great success of becoming the largest gloves manufacturer and brand in the world.


A Business that Performs High



Looking Ahead

Being the largest manufacturer of gloves in the world that serves many industries around the world in providing safety in their respective utilizations, we are running the business with a great vision for the future that we want to grow as a business along with the world providing more high-quality gloves to the world and improving the quality of each of our products with the power of research and development along with the latest technology we use in the entire production and delivery process in our industry. In addition to all these, we are powered up with the strong vision to provide a better service by each day with we are further improving through more research and the study we do on the current needs of the world in protection through gloves. Improvement of quality and capacity is our goal.