Insight on How it Happens


How it Happens

Shielder Medical is a brand that focuses on ensuring high quality at all times with every product we manufacture, as the leading manufacturer of gloves in the world. We hold the glory of being reputed as the best gloves provider in the world that has won the trust of many big brands in the world who use the gloves we manufacture as the official gloves they use in their business. Our high-quality production process is always the secret behind this success.


The quality is something you can improve all the time to be better each day. We believe it is essential to keep improving our products to match the needs and provide safety against many challenges in the ever-changing world.

Shielder Medical will build one of the best Research and Development facilities in the world consisting of some of the highly talented professionals who keep on researching how we improve the,e production of our gloves to remain the best in the world. The material, the design, the pattern, and everything that follows are designed and decided in this stage that makes it ready for the production that converts it into a reality.


Shielder medical is one of the leading entities in manufacturing in the world consisting of many large-scale manufacturing facilities including high technology industrial parks that ensure the production of the gloves are done with the perseverance of the high quality and integrity that makes the product ideal for usage by each piece.

The multiple facilities of manufacturing that are spread across mainland china which contains a large number of production lines and equipped with the machinery of the latest technologies to make sure the production of all our gloves is conducted in the most efficient way possible along with the highest quality ensured in all products, converting the design into physical products that deliver the expectations.

Quality Control

We strongly focus on the quality of our products along with the capacity of the quantity of the products we manufacture. We believe the quality is what drives our name as one of the most trusted brands in the world for gloves. Therefore we take special attention to preserving the quality of all the products at all times.

In order to make this happen Shielder medical is equipped with a strong and strict policy of Quality Control that ensures only 100% of the best quality products are being released to the market and our clients. We have implemented the quality checking facility at many stages in our production process that ensures each product is checked for quality multiple times before releasing as an end product.


We have a wide reach around the world with many valuable clients keeping their trust in us as their official provider of high-quality gloves that are utilized in their business process. Therefore we make sure that all the products we manufacture are reaching our clients safely with unharmed quality that enables them to use them with confidence.

The integrity of our production process does not end at the production and packing of the gloves. As a highly trusted pioneering brand in the world which many valuable clients are relying on, we want to make sure that over products are reaching them in speed and preserved quality. Therefore we handle and monitor the distribution process of all our products closely, to ensure all the products teach our clients.


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