The Leaders who Dedicate for Success.


The Guidance and Motivation

The Sales Managers of Shielder Medical have literally been the power that conducted all the movements inside and outside the company which has led us to be the largest manufacturer of gloves in the world today. The company is blessed with them as a team of great knowledge and vision that empowers the entire business process from the tiniest part to the very endpoint. The service they provide is always motivating the entire workforce of Shielder medical to perform better and do more by each day in order to provide a service with improving quality and increased quantity all the time. The leadership they provide has been one of the key factors why our clients are relying on us confidently to be their official supplier of gloves.

Consisted of personnel with high knowledge in the business and highly qualified in their own backgrounds to lead and thrive in the sales of the business. They are a great strength to the company which the entire workforce of the company and the chairman have kept the trust on. As the fleet who maintains an essential bloodline of the company, the performance they have provided which has resulted out of their knowledge and experience has always ended up in success which made our company grow more and more each day towards becoming the largest manufacturer of gloves we are today in the world. Shielder medical is grateful to our sales managers as always for guiding the business towards its everlasting success.

Mr.Nan Yue

Sales Manager, Shielder Medical

Guiding the company with his vision and making the right decision at the right time.

Mr.Pan Sheng

Sales Manager, Shielder Medical

Being one more guiding light to the company that motivates everyone to do more.

Mr.Xu Zhifu

Sales Manager, Shielder Medical

Leading the business with enthusiasm and motivation towards its successful future.

Miss.Yang Yu

Sales Manager, Shielder Medical

Being a great example of Motivation and Dedication to the company, encouraging us.


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