How our products make way to you.


Our Shipping Methods

We make sure that ll the products that were manufactured in high quality are reached our valuable clients in speed and preserved quality to fulfill their requirement on time, ensuring the integrity of our service along with the products.

We use the method of aviation to deliver the product faster to our clients to meet their requirements in speed and ahead of time. It is a faster method of shipping used by us that also ensured the safety and the quality to be preserved at all times from the moment of shipping to the delivery to the client location.

The shipping method though sailing is most commonly used by us to distribute large bulks of our products to our clients. It is also used as a more reliable method to ship our products to clients from far destinations that reach them directly with the product quality preserved intact, that fulfill the need of the client with satisfaction.


In Touch with You

All the shipments are carefully monitored at all times that ensure the fastest and safest delivery.

Connectivity Maintained
Shipment Authentication
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Packaging Integrity

All the products we manufacture are packed with care at the last stages in our production process to ensure all the products are ready and safe for shipment that does not harm the quality and the durability of the products by any factor involved in shipping including the weather conditions, humidity, air pressure, temperature of any other factor. We always make sure the same quality checked and verified at the production is preserved by the time the product reaches the client to ensure the expected outcome through the gloves is deliver to the client, which enables us to maintain a perfect relationship of trust with the client.

  • Non Fragile Box Material
  • Safe Packaging with Space
  • Easy to Unbox
  • Quality Preserved