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What is Sterile?

Sterile gloves produce an Aseptic procedure by a method widely called. Where the treatment assists in preventing bacteria from contaminating. The primary aim of the use of the Aseptic approach is to eliminate germs. The purpose of this clean Aseptic procedure is to reduce the number of germs on a surface.

Whenever you go through a skin irritation, damage, or exposure, you are prone to germs and infections. It will ultimately place you at risk of infection due to this weakness, and you will require sterile gloves and equipment if you apply the sterile dressing. Therefore, by shielding you from contamination and illness, Shielder Medical provides high-quality sterile gloves that offer protection and safety for the wearer’s hands and vulnerable body parts, including eyes, nose, and mouth.

Sterile Gloves Deliver many effects that come in benefit in many ways during their utilization. The high-quality material used in the making of our gloves and the highly assured protective quality it delivers provides many advantages that aid in providing the necessary safety in various industries. Get to know the pros of using the high-quality Sterile gloves we manufacture and bring you.

  • Breathable Material
  • Protection Against Contamination.
  • Latex-free.
  • Excellent Comfort.


Sterile Gloves

Our Sterile Gloves are available in three main types. Shielder Medical manufactures product line consists of a range of gloves, which is mainly categorized into three major domains as Nitrile Gloves, Vinyl Gloves, and Nitrile and Vinyl Blended Gloves. Shielder Medical Gloves are available for bulk purchase as well. Each pair of glove ensure that they are passed through various tests to ensure that there are minimum chances to identify alters from standards.

Nitrile Gloves
Vinyl Gloves
Synthetic Nitrile Gloves

Benefits of Gloves

The utilization of a glove extends to various occasions that involve many industrial and even domestic usages. In all those usages, the primary objective of a glove is to provide the necessary protection that safeguards the user or the object they are handling with it. The different types of gloves which Shielder Medical provides are made to deliver these unique effects in each of its respective utilization.


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