Suspension of Authorization of Factory Agents and Sales Agents

To global factory partners and sales agents:

First of all, we would like to appreciate all factory partners and sales agents for your long-term support. Recently, the overseas demand for Shielder medical products has increased rapidly, and the average daily orders have continued to rise. In order to maintain the quality and quantity of the products to customers at home and abroad, also due to the needs of business adjustments, Shielder Medical decided to fully upgrade the cooperation
with Shielder Medical’s manufacturer representatives and sales agents.

With immediate effect, the past agreement between Shielder Medical and all sales agent dealers and manufacturer representatives are suspended. The new authorization will not only enhance the rights of the factory agent, but also help Shielder Medical to provide services to global customers to a higher level.

The authorization upgrade and improvement plan of Shielder Medical’s factory and sales
agents is expected to be implemented on July 15, 2021. During this period, the
authorization of all factory and sales agents are suspended. This announcement is to inform
the factory and sales agents. We thank you all for the support and understanding!


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Leping Shengde Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
July 14, 2021