Our Quality is Recognized by the World.


SGS Certified

As the brand that protects the environment with high-quality gloves, we are responsible for being the symbol of quality that guarantees the protection of any product we produce. Performance is still one of our principal considerations.

We are still keen to increase the quality of our products by every day as the leader who is the inspiration to the world in producing high-quality gloves, ensuring the safety in offers in different sectors, and improving it even more. Driven by robust research and development arm and many state-of-the-art production facilities fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, we guarantee the quality and industrial protection of the goods we make. The SGS has acknowledged this quality we maintain and awarded us their certification that empowers us to do better in terms of efficiency.

To get to know more about our certifications and to see the original copies, contact us through the website or on info@shieldermedical.com