What is your best work gloves? The one that save your life.

Yesterday, I feel that my gloves was struggled when I loaded a 8 inches long white pine logs. It was the night when I get home that I found this hole. You can image what my figures will be if I work without the gloves.

The white OX gloves save my life.

Which is the best work glove?

Of course, we are talking about the white OX gloves, made by North Star. Which is well known as the best gloves for work among each worker for over 70 years.

Remember, the white OX gloves has never been surpassed ever.

Especially, nitrile gloves is not good enough for working.

About the glove

The model of the white OX that we mentioned today is the original 1014.


  1. 100% cotton ( work gloves leather not included)
  2. 22 oz palm
  3. 10 oz back
  4. Size: Medium, Large, Extra-large.

Yes, it is Made in the U.S.A.

How do we mantain the gloves?

Actually, there are three ways to make your gloves last longer:

1.Started from the right glove.

This Makes Work Gloves Last 2X Longer

Importance of Getting Work Gloves in the Right Size

Wearing the suitable gloves means they can tightly surround your hands and won’t be caught by anything during your day’s activities. If they are too tight, the fabric is stretched as your hands bend and move, which will short their lives. Use our glove size tool to make sure you get the right size!

Note: There are security risks with too large or too small gloves (i.e. loose gloves are easier to be caught by machines).

2.Clean the gloves regularly.

Depending on the type of gloves, they can usually be easily cleaned by yourself in home.

Cleaning your work gloves seems to be wasting time. You bought them to get dirty, right? However, clean them correctly will makes your gloves better and last longer. Gravel, grease and dirt are usually corrosive or acidic, so when you use gloves they penetrate into the glove’s pores and fibers (unless they are waterproof or sealed), they slowly wear material from the inside out. By cleaning your gloves, you can remove this substance pile up and keep the fiber clear.

So, try to clean them up and enjoy it.

3.Dring them every time you used the gloves.

We’ve mentioned the importance of drying gloves after washing them.

However, it is also important to wipe them dry after each use.

Take them home after work, put them inside, and lie flat over the night. This will give the fibers a chance to dry completely to ensure they retain their shape and stay safe and comfortable. If they are always wet, the risk of mold development and decomposition of glove material fibers is higher.

Preparing a few pairs of gloves and alternating them on each single day is a great way to keep them dry properly after wearing.

Which situation can we use this gloves?

Well, these can be all suitable:

  • Agriculture
  • Rallies
  • Construction
  • Cementing wells
  • Rigging
  • Manufacturing
  • Horticulture
  • General purpose
  • Log checking
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance
  • Mechanics
  • Public facilities
  • Factories
  • Warehousing
  • More

Have you gotten the gloves on different places? You are so warm pleasure to share with us.

Where can we buy it?

Let’s check what the customers say about the gloves:

What the Amazon says

Once they shrink, they are a truly custom fit. Easy off and on. Tough gloves. Very glad I discovered these. Much cheaper and way better than the work gloves I was wearing.

Good quality, cheap work gloves best suited for hard use and if you end up getting them saturated in bar oil / sap / gas / nasty stuff, you can toss them because they aren’t that expensive and you have 11 other pairs in the truck.

Best gloves ever! Perfect for tin work. Comfortable forever.

Alright, you can find it easy to get from Amzn.

That’s cool.

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